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[Forum Rules] Rules And Regulations


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default [Forum Rules] Rules And Regulations

Post by Millennium on 14/12/2014, 01:51

Before starting your activity make sure to take deep look on the rules .
-- Admins (even Staffs) Terms
1.Have Full respect to the admins and be aware admins are allowed to do anything .
-- Forum Terms
1 Feel free to ask for help by posting topic . 
2  Advertising Is not allowed - Warn will be given ( Level 1 ++ ) , Means it increase each time * Be aware any Advertising hack will lead to a immediate ban.
3 Always Add 1 VirusScan At least , Else u'll be warned on topic and if no virus scan been added by 24hour , Topic will be locked.
4 Sharing the dll of our hacks is not allowed , Be aware you will be permanent banned if such thing happen.
5 Avoid Posting a TOPIC that is already POSTED to AVOID DUPLICATED POSTS
--ShoutBox Terms 
1 Using ShoutBox to complain about something - Will lead to be banned from shoutbox * Warn will be given twice then a ban
2 Spamming Will defiantly lead to a ban
3 Advertising Is not allowed - Warn will be given ( Level 1 ++ ) , Means it increase each time
4 Asking for Help is allowed.
5 Any member no matter what keep asking for hacks time updating on shoutbox will be banned
--Payments Terms
1 Refund is allowed but under conditions * No Refund will be given until Renzekuken decide that the user is having deep problem with the hack and unfix able. 
2 No Downtime will be counted if vip hacks were off. 
3 If you are paying with Smartpadala make sure to provide voucher else the payment won't be accepted .

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